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When it comes to enjoying your Frisco area wedding, our Wedding Photographers have the following wedding tips:

Just engaged? Starting to envision your wedding? Wondering about all the things you'll need to do and when? Our month-by-month snapshot of all your wedding to-dos will steer you in the right direction.

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Leafing through glossy magazines in 1940s and '50s, engaged couples began to see something new -- candid, intimate photographs of celebrity and royal weddings taken by photojournalists. Sure, there were formal poses, but many photos captured the moment, for better or worse :)

Wedding PhotojournalismIn 1956 magazines worldwide gave the royal treatment to the grand wedding of actress Grace Kelly to Prince Rainier of Monaco, devoting full-page spreads to candid moments, such as a pensive Princess Grace gazing over a balcony before the ceremony and the couple exchanging rings.

Invite photojournalists to your wedding and they'll do what they do best -- record the moment with candid, humorous, touching photos. Artful images of unfettered moments have universal appeal, and these early photographs helped spark a new genre of Frisco wedding photography. Decades later this documentary approach has evolved to what it is now: a popular option in wedding photography that captures the story behind the ceremony. Today it's available to everyone, not just celebrities, and our photojournalistic wedding photography shows it best.

Mark Kaiser, a Frisco, Texas wedding photographer, has earned a degree in fine art, but primarily photographs weddings and bridal portraits. He got into wedding photography when he took his photography hobby to some friends weddings and the feedback was always the same - "these wedding photos are better than from our professional photographer."

Today, my years of experience help me know when a "perfect moment" is around the corner. I am poised with my camera, ready to capture that instant.

Wedding PhotographersCapturing real moments on one of the most transforming days in people's lives is what wedding photography is about for Covenant Photography of Frisco. Mark's fine art training taught him to create images that transcend the ordinary to become amazing, so that anyone looking at his powerful wedding pictures will be moved.

Whereas traditional wedding photography follows a common script for wedding photos, a mixture of photojournalistic style takes advantage of unscripted moments in order to best tell the story.

Today, we credit brides and grooms for furthering the development of wedding photojournalism photography. "Weddings are exciting to shoot today because people are so visual now," he says, and that carries over to location, fashion, and details, like flowers. "People want art photos. They want something better than their parent's wedding pictures."

Wedding Photographer Frisco allows the view to "go behind the scenes" as it were and be a true participant in the adventure and joy of covenant love called "Frisco Wedding."

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