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When it comes to enjoying your Frisco area wedding, our Wedding Photographers have the following wedding tips:

Just engaged? Starting to envision your wedding? Wondering about all the things you'll need to do and when? Our month-by-month snapshot of all your wedding to-dos will steer you in the right direction.

Free Frisco Wedding Photography and Wedding Planning Tips:


Photography Style - Do you like the photographer's photography style? When you see a portfolio of previous work he/she has done, can you picture yourself in that specific photographic style?

Would you like yourself photographed in the same way? Is there enough variety in the photographer's style to give you the photographs you want? Call us and we will meet with you and show portfolios and answer all your questions!

Experience - Make sure the photographer has had experience professionally photographing other weddings. Does he/she do this for a living or as a hobby?

Your wedding day photos come once in a lifetime and are too important to trust in the hands of a friend hobbyist. We have 10 years experience photographing weddings in all kinds of settings and lighting conditions, so we know how to bring out the best in your wedding photos.

Personality - Make sure that the comfort level is there between you and the photographer. You want to make sure that the photographer's personality is there to compliment your special day. Maybe even give you encouragement to strike a pose or feel more free and enjoyable!

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